Corporate Sustainability

Good for the Planet. Good for Our Stakeholders

Sabra is committed to being a leader in environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives— it’s important to our operators and other stakeholders, and it’s critical to the sustained success of our business. ESG performance is intrinsically tied to our objective to drive shareholder value by operating efficiently, sustainably and with our stakeholders’ best interests in mind. The investments we’ve made in our properties and helped our operators make will improve the lives of the residents and the working environment for the teammates.

Sustainability Report

Read our latest sustainability report to learn more about the programs, policies and initiatives that support our ESG priorities of environmental stewardship; diversity, equity and inclusion; human capital management; protection of health, wellness and safety of our stakeholders; engagement and collaboration with our operators and tenants; cybersecurity; corporate governance; and community service.

2022 ESG Report Cover


As a socially and environmentally responsible company, Sabra believes that reducing our environmental footprint is in our best interest as well as that of our operators and the world at large. We engage in sustainable practices that we believe drive value, efficiency and quality of environment for our stakeholders. We require our property management teams to practice responsible property management as well as energy and water conservation, and encourage our tenants to do the same.


While research shows that a diverse workforce consistently outperforms less diverse ones, women and minorities are still underrepresented in the real estate sector. Our Board and management continually seek to ensure that we maintain a diverse talent base and inclusive culture, not because we are driven by quotas on diversity, but because we fundamentally believe that diverse companies demonstrate superior performance.

In additional to fostering employee engagement, we promote work-life balance for our employees, and invest in them through high-quality benefits and various health and wellness initiatives, including creating a healthy work environment in our offices.

Women comprise 55 percent of our workforce and 64 percent of our management-level leadership roles.

As of June 30, 2023


As a company, we are committed to corporate governance best practices that promote the long-term interests of our shareholders and strengthen board and management accountability. As a fiduciary for our shareholders, our board is focused on cultivating exemplary corporate governance through a commitment to ethics, integrity and corporate responsibility to ensure that Sabra’s corporate strategy aligns with our values, our culture and how we run our business. To support our endeavors, the board solicits and values direct shareholder feedback through our shareholder outreach program.

Our Strategy in Action

Investing in Efficiency

Sabra established an initial $5M Green Links Fund, designed to provide our tenants access to capital to fund energy and water efficiency initiatives. Our industry-leading Green Links program is applying our E-Initiative directly to the benefit and support of our NNN tenants including, where appropriate, financing environmentally beneficial improvements after exchanging and assessing energy, water and other data.

Sabra approved the first Green Links lighting retrofitting project at three of our NNN skilled nursing facilities in Hudson Valley, New York. The result was not only improved efficiency but, just as important, improved lighting conditions for both residents and employees.

Green Links

Creating Value Through Adaptive Reuse

Adaptive reuse projects are good for our stockholders, support our operators’ growth, create jobs for the surrounding community, provide much-needed services and are better for the environment than ground-up development.

“Sabra is an invaluable capital partner, enabling our growth and provision of essential addiction treatment services. Their assistance in acquiring and adapting existing buildings has expedited our development, lowered expenses and showcased their commitment to the local community.”

Jay Fertig, President Real Estate, Advanced Recovery Systems, LLC

Engaging With Innovation

Sabra is a proud Alliance Member of the Well Living Lab (WLL), founded as a Delos and Mayo Clinic collaboration, and active participant in the Delos’ Wellness Innovation in Senior Environments (WISE) initiative to accelerate scientific research on the impact of indoor environments on the health and well-being of older adults.

“Meaningful change happens when industry leaders lend their expertise to addressing the most urgent challenges. Through the WISE initiative and research with the Well Living Lab, Sabra has committed to advancing health, wellness and safety in the sector through a first-of-its-kind scientific research agenda to help lead industry transformation.”

Peter Scialla, President and Chief Operating Officer, Delos

Well Living Lab