Driving Value for Our Shareholders and Supporting Our Partners

We believe in diversification, partnering with operators who are nimble and poised to deliver excellent care now and in the future. The ability to access and opportunistically deploy low-cost capital expeditiously propels our success. Our management team has decades of industry knowledge, operational expertise and transactional experience, but what truly sets Sabra apart is our passion for advancing the quality of care.

It’s All about the Operator

As patient needs and reimbursement structures evolve, it is important for operators to stay flexible. It is equally important for facilities to seamlessly accommodate changes in care. As former operators, we know how to identify which properties are poised to thrive. We focus on partnering with operators who know their market, deliver a high standard of care and can adjust with the changing needs of patients. We are disciplined investors with an eye for identifying unique opportunities while maintaining a strong and flexible capital structure that allows us to execute our growth strategy through all market cycles.

Poised for Continuous Growth

Our industry offers ample opportunity for future value creation and significant upside potential. Favorable demographics and decreased supply continue to fuel our robust transaction pipeline. With our strong balance sheet, investment-grade ratings and successful track record of completing deals, we are well equipped to take advantage of the opportunities presented by our dynamic, consolidating industry.